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I'm a high school senior at International Academy East in Troy, MI. My potential majors include computer science and entrepreneurship.

I'm an aspiring chef, so I love to eat and cook.
I'm also a sneakerhead, and run my own e-commerce business where I buy and sell limited edition shoes.
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I'm also the co-owner of the Troy Youth All Star Chess Club (TYASCC), the largest chess club in Troy and co-teach free chess leassons at the public library. We've taught over 400 kids the basics of chess.
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If you can't tell from this website, I like to code. Specifically, I'm fascinated by the field of AI and enjoy developing iOS apps to innovate how society benefits from AI.



The first iOS app to use machine learning in rash diagnosis.

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The first iOS app that uses AI to completely personalize your travel experience.

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Assigned Beautiful at Birth (ABAB).

A clothing line tailored for trans individuals at non-tailored prices.

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A freelance web-based dashboard complete with user authentication, Stripe™ payments, and live support that I developed using Firebase, AWS, HTML, CSS, and Python.

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